Friday, February 19, 2010

Cute Scripture Tote

I made the cutest scripture tote today out of a placemat. It was very simple. I started by sewing the ribbon on both sides. Then I sewed down the each side and make a box bottom. Glue on the flower and tada!! Works as a great scripture tote or even a purse.
I'm going to make a bunch more, they were so easy and cheap. I'd like to make one with furry yarn along the top opening.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

My $75 Kitchen Makeover

I hate winter. I would rather be outside working in my yard or playing at the park with the kids. During those long winter days, I dream up "projects". It makes my husband crazy because he's usually roped into helping with my "projects". So one of those cold winter nights, I decided my kitchen needed a makeover.

Before Pictures

Above the sink I have in vinyl "Topham" in dark brown.

I was most excited about painting my island a different color.

So, this project was completed with leftovers from other projects (fitting since it's the kitchen!). I used a cottage white left over from my front room project to paint all of the cupboards. I then painted espresso glaze leftover from downstairs bathroom over the top of them. I let it sit for a minute and then wiped it in and off.

After Pictures:

Some of the cupboards took a few tries to get it how I liked it.

When I painted the wall, I painted over the top of the vinyl. After it started to dry, I pealed it off to reveal white!

Ta Da! The only thing I had to buy the crown moulding, $12 and the knobs for the drawers and doors, $60. I probably wouldn't have bought that nice of knobs, but I was so proud of myself for saving money everywhere else, I figured I could splurge!

And my favorite part! The red island. This is the same color as my office, except it looks alot darker with the glaze on top of it. I hired my daughters as cheap labor to paint the bead board I had left over from the baby's room.

I'm super happy with how things turned out. I was hoping for a country cottage feel. It was a fairly simple project to complete and a perfect wintertime one. It wasn't exactly something I could finish during baby's nap time, but a couple hours each night after work and a whole new feeling in my kitchen!

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