Friday, May 28, 2010

Blog Swap with A Vision to Remember

I am so exciting to have
Bobbie visiting today.  She has a fantastic
blog.  You have to check it out!  Here she is
with a great tutorial:

Hello all you Mommy Time Craft Fans! I am Bobbie from A Vision to Remember
A Vision to Remember

I am so excited to be Blog Swapping today with Kerstin! First off let me introduce myself. I am a stay at home mom of 2 awesome girls and one dog. They are my inspiration for sure. Everything that I have made has been for them in some way. Here are a couple of things that I have made over at my blog: I love to make new clothes for my girls out of old clothes.I also made this fun Ribbon skirt for my daughter (Part 1, Part 2) I also have my own Etsy shop. There I sell rag quilts, car seat tents, and lots of patterns. Some of the patterns I sell are rag quilts, belly band, and fabric flowers. I also have many other tutorials on my blog. Make sure to stop by and check them out. All the patterns are very easy to follow along and include pictures. Currently I have 4 different car seat tent and rag quilt patterns, a boutique ruffle blanket pattern, belly band pattern, and 4 flower tutorials available in my shop. Now onto the fun tutorial! Today I am going to show you how to make a fun and beautiful Pleated Headband I love a pleated beautiful headband. Super easy to make plus it looks really great Heres how to do it: You will need a hot glue gun, a headband, ribbon (I used satin 5/8). I would use ribbon that is wider than your headband for a cleaner look Line the inside of your headband with ribbon Now start pleating the ribbon. Do it by hot gluing it down as you go. Then when you get to the end of the headband cut the ribbon about an inch. Fold it over hot glue to the inside of the headband. Look how awesome the headband looks. It looks great by itself. Or even better with a pretty flower Thanks for swapping blogs with me Mommy Time Crafts Remember to stop on over tomorrow for the fun party! Each Saturday I host a link party cause I wanna see all the fun stuff you have been working on.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teacher Gifts - Candy Jars

I made these during teacher appreciation week but I'm just getting around to posting them.

Our school did a theme every day, one of them was CANDY

This was my first glass etch project.  I didn't get any
during pictures, because of course I was doing
it the night before at 11pm. 

I cut the name with my cricut out of vinyl.
Stuck it on the jar and used the glass
etch I bought at Michaels.

I love how they turned out.  There is an apple on the
other side, but I guess I didn't get any pictures of it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Procrastination Central

So, Friday afternoon rolled around and I had to have 2 projects
completed to donate to the young women in my church
for a fundraiser.  I had to drop them off at 3:00
I started this about 2pm.  AHAH.  I'm so bad...
First of all, this is what I found at the DI earlier in the week;

CUPBOARD DOORS  They were $1-$3. I grabbed a huge stack
and then went back and grabbed some more

The bigger pieces are too heavy to hang on the wall

So, I had my brother cut out the middle:

I had this beautiful frame.

Painted my fav color, Cottage White

Antiqued with glaze - That always covers the crappy paint job. 

Today's paint job had a little 18 month old bum shape in the corner.  Oops.

I bought some chicken wire at Cal Ranch.  It was 100' for $15.  It will probably last

I cut to fit and stapled on the back of the frame.

I glued a few orange flowers in the corner for some color.

I used clothes pins to attach the pictures.

If I did it again, I would also paint or cover with paper the clothes pins
for a little more color. 

The girls were able to make $30 from it, so I was happy!

I also took this magnet board. 

I bought it at a yard sale.

Spray painted for a fresh look and
put in a new ribbon to hang

Add a few cute magnets and another $15 for camp!  Yeah

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring is Finally Here!!!

Utah has had really crazy weather this year

Its taken FOREVER for winter to end.

I was more anxious than normal to get some flowers blooming.

That's what I love about planters.  Instant Flowers!

I bought this wagon at a yard sale for $1

It was a little faded so I SPRAY PAINTED it red.  Took 20 seconds.

I love turning misc items into planters.  I've been wanting a wagon for while now.

I love how it turned out.  I probably should have added a few low hanging flowers.

But that's the other great thing about planters, I can do it COMPLETLY different next year
without having to dig anything up!

Happy Spring.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday Mornings

My hubby is the cook in our family, and he is fantastic at it. 

I hate to cook.  I attempt all the time, and the Hubs usually has to
come in and try to salvage or scrap it all together.

Sunday mornings he loves to make Crepes.  They are so pretty I had to share!

This week we had strawberries and blackberries.  Let them sit in sugar for an hour or two before

Sweet Crepes

4 1/2 cups flour
1 tbl vanilla
5-6 beaten eggs
pinch of salt
3 1/4 c milk
1 c water
3 tbl melted butter

Mix all together, you might need to add a little water at the end to thin

Cook on a pancake pan.  Pour just over 1/2 cup into the lightly greased pan.  Rotate the pan around to let the batter coat the bottom of the pan.  When it slides around, its ready to flip. 

Top with fruit and whip cream, or Nutella, or powdered sugar, or syrup and bananas.  I even eat them plain sometimes, can't go wrong!

Friday, May 14, 2010

You like me?!? You really like me?!?

 recieved my first blog award this week from Michele at The Scrap Shoppe.  She has such a great blog.  Tons of fun ideas and great tips for blogging.  This is one of my favorites of hers, Brown Sugar Body Scrub:

And the award goes to ME!:

I am to pass this on to 10 other blogs that I think are Trendy. Some of you may have already received this and some of you may not!  These are my 10 awardees in no particular order.



" />

Photobucket />
Alisa @ The Tidy Nest

Thanks Ladies!  Keep up the good work!

Spray Paint is my Friend

Ok, so apparently, I missed the spray paint
bandwagon the first few times it went around.

I've JUMPED on now!

I bought this frame at the DI (goodwill).  It was originally $5
but all frames were 1/2 off that day.

Did you know the DI had sales?  Me either!

It was a little dinged up but structurally sound.

I bought some spray black spray paint and went crazy!

It covered all the dings and made the frame look brand new!

I was so excited.  I used to to make this

(ignore the black speck still having camera problems)

I made this wreath out of coffee filters.  I used a 12" styrofoam wreath
and 1.29 worth of coffee filteres (well, only about 1/2 of them)

I've done 2 now.  One with the brown coffee filters I tried to hot glue.
Not a good idea, it melts the styrofoam and the fingers.
This white one I used floral pins, you can find them
in the floral section, I think they were $1 for a ton.

So, I was making this project as a give away at a church function. 
It didn't quite turn out as planned.  I like it alot better in the pictures
than it looked in real life.  I think I'll try adding butterflies like this ONE on

Suprisingly, since I never procrastinate (insert sarcastic snicker here),
I was quickly running out of time.  I repainted the frame country white.
I didn't have any white spray paint, but I have a bucket of white in
the garage.  I antiqued it with glaze and attached a wreath:

It was a hit.  Sold for quite a bit of fun money at the church function.  I was happy with how
it turned out.  Now I'm on the lookout for another frame on sale
to try to finish the coffee filter wreath!

Join us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap up party!