Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring is Finally Here!!!

Utah has had really crazy weather this year

Its taken FOREVER for winter to end.

I was more anxious than normal to get some flowers blooming.

That's what I love about planters.  Instant Flowers!

I bought this wagon at a yard sale for $1

It was a little faded so I SPRAY PAINTED it red.  Took 20 seconds.

I love turning misc items into planters.  I've been wanting a wagon for while now.

I love how it turned out.  I probably should have added a few low hanging flowers.

But that's the other great thing about planters, I can do it COMPLETLY different next year
without having to dig anything up!

Happy Spring.


Diane said...

Cute! The wagon turned out good as new!

Brook said...

I agree, very cute!

FYI: I have wanted plant flowers in a wagon too and read on another blog somewhere that you should drill holes in the bottom of the wagon for drainage.

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