Friday, May 14, 2010

Spray Paint is my Friend

Ok, so apparently, I missed the spray paint
bandwagon the first few times it went around.

I've JUMPED on now!

I bought this frame at the DI (goodwill).  It was originally $5
but all frames were 1/2 off that day.

Did you know the DI had sales?  Me either!

It was a little dinged up but structurally sound.

I bought some spray black spray paint and went crazy!

It covered all the dings and made the frame look brand new!

I was so excited.  I used to to make this

(ignore the black speck still having camera problems)

I made this wreath out of coffee filters.  I used a 12" styrofoam wreath
and 1.29 worth of coffee filteres (well, only about 1/2 of them)

I've done 2 now.  One with the brown coffee filters I tried to hot glue.
Not a good idea, it melts the styrofoam and the fingers.
This white one I used floral pins, you can find them
in the floral section, I think they were $1 for a ton.

So, I was making this project as a give away at a church function. 
It didn't quite turn out as planned.  I like it alot better in the pictures
than it looked in real life.  I think I'll try adding butterflies like this ONE on

Suprisingly, since I never procrastinate (insert sarcastic snicker here),
I was quickly running out of time.  I repainted the frame country white.
I didn't have any white spray paint, but I have a bucket of white in
the garage.  I antiqued it with glaze and attached a wreath:

It was a hit.  Sold for quite a bit of fun money at the church function.  I was happy with how
it turned out.  Now I'm on the lookout for another frame on sale
to try to finish the coffee filter wreath!

Join us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap up party!


Kenzie said...

It's perfect! It turned out really cute! And so exciting it was a hit at church!

House of Smith's said...

Looks SO cute! I love it!

And btw, I thought that your coffee filter one was looking so good! You should have kept going! :)


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